Freedom Builders

Our Mission

Bringing Food Water and Shelter Production

To Local Control

Through High Quality LOCAL Food

and Water Production

High Efficiency Low Cost Workshop

Production and Local Energy Production

Greenhouse Perpetuity

   ” I find Greenhouse Perpetuity to be an extremely dependable community based organization that is at the very foundation of health and abundance of high quality food, and a greater abundance of sustainable wealth.
Profitability can ultimately only be found in sustainability.
Greenhouse Perpetuity is the foundation of sustainable modern human existence.” -Field

Join a nation wide movement to bring local control to your food production.
I am talking about year round LOCAL solar greenhouse fruit and vegetable production and cottage industry production of shelf items like noodles … ahh fresh noodles and more !
Establish your local food freedom network
Imagine millions of Americans working together to build freedomplants across America.

What is Freedomplant?

    A vehicle for humanity to control the very Direction and Quality of life itself by returning sovereign control over the defining factors in human Quality of life to the people themselves.
Food is one of the few commonalities between ALL people
and the defining factor in human health and the longevity of a society.
Water is the very key to life itself, the brain is 90% water and the blood is 92% water. The quality of the water you drink greatly affects the ability of you body to perform vital functions, such as; tissue building, detoxification, removal of harmful waste products and nutrient delivery to name a few. The Quality of the water you consume is a determining factor in the Quality of your life.
Low Cost High Efficiency workshops and greenhouses made primarily from local sources. Together we can build a solid human foundation based on group consciousness.